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Sander Handling Precautions

1, sanding machine during operation sand tray, wheel, belt, buff, rupture and explode at any time may, sanding machine brush (20) must wear glasses, helmet masks and other appropriate protective equipment when operating 

2, the machine during operation, hands and feet Never touch belt, grinding wheel, grinding, polishing wheels, etc. 
3, the machine no effective protective measures can not be used 
4, it will generate a lot of dust when sanding, use to wear masks 
5, sanding equipment to be installed in a dry, ventilated place without direct vision 
6, automatic sanding machine, there must be matching dust removal equipment, or vulnerable to failure, damage to equipment, affecting production. 
7, belt sanders have found that when the belt deviation, should be adjusted. 
8, be sure to confirm the exact sanding wheel running direction of the wheel, locking wheel to prevent wheel flying.