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Belt use and maintenance of the wood processing industry

 With the rapid development of the deepening of reform and opening up, and industrial technology, with high efficiency, economy, and a wide range of belt grinding applications are more and more attention to the wood processing industry, many enterprises in order to improve the quality and grade of products, are using or plan to use this advanced belt grinding processing technology. 

As the belt manufacturer, when we visited the reception and users often feel some users for knowledge storage and use of the belt is not yet well understood. In order to better service for users, so that belt when used in the best condition to play the superiority of belt grinding, and now some knowledge of storage and use belt introduced to everyone. 
A belt storage 
Storage of abrasive belt use is very crucial, especially the impact of big wide belt. Ideal storage conditions, storage methods in order to ensure a reasonable belt in the best condition for use. 
1.1 Temperature and humidity requirements 
Belt should not be stored in temperature and humidity changes in the larger places, the ideal temperature for: 18-220C; ideal humidity: 40-65%, the temperature is too high binder aging, reduce belt life. Belt synthetic substrate (such as polyester cloth belt) are more sensitive to cold, can not be stored in a cold warehouse. 
Humidity is too high or too low will produce a certain belt deformation, deformation belt will reduce the bond strength glue sand. Especially the humidity is too large influence on the belt more serious. In addition to water belt, in general, after wet belt use, are prone to discount, leaving the belt pull wrinkle phenomenon scrapped. In addition, the wet grinding of abrasive belt grinding belt material is easy to adhere to the surface, reducing the belt's life. High temperatures, low humidity impact on paper-based belt is relatively large, the paper-based belt brittle, easily broken when using scrap. 
1.2 Storage 
Warehouse storage belt should be cool, dry, ventilated; belt to be placed in the cargo rack, can not be placed on the ground; cargo rack is necessary to maintain a distance of about 200-500mm with floors, walls, while avoiding near heat and drainage; belt unused try not to open the box. Not place heavy objects on the belt package, in order to avoid creases and cracks belt. 
The two belt use before handling 
Belt storage is important, but if it can not use the front belt to get the right deal will seriously affect its performance. 
2.1 Belt suspension 
Before belt use should be suspended at least 2-5 days, and its purpose is to eliminate curl generated by the packaging. 
Will unwrap the belt hanging on the pipe diameter or dedicated 100-200mm belt support frame. The length of the tube should be greater than the width of the belt, the belt is easy to fall off or otherwise produce bell; horizontal pipe should state, or easily damaged belt edges. 
Hanging belt environmental temperature and humidity storage conditions should be consistent with the belt, the easiest way is in a sealed room, with Jizhan 40W or 64W bulbs to keep dry. 
2.2 Visual inspection 
After hanging belt use should be done before the appearance of the necessary quality checks to see whether the formation of belt joints, firm; belt surface with or without holes, sand group, lack of sand, glue spots, wrinkles; belt edge is neat and whether the cracks, if a smaller gap edge after cut off (cut arc-shaped) does not affect use.