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 New Zealand belino Wood equipment is engaged in the field of industrial production of wood multinational conglomerates. Corporation under the jurisdiction of wood sanding equipment factory, carpentry belt environmental regeneration equipment factory, and in 1998 invested in Vietnam, paint coating equipment R & D center. 

     Company founder Mr. Huang Yuanhong, since 1970, took over the family tradition of wood processing business, engaged in the processing and export of New Zealand pine. In Europe, New Zealand natural wood furniture manufacturing company is known for NZPI his earliest masterpiece. 
     Since 1978 Mr. Huang Yuanhong realized crude way of wood processing methods harm to the environment, as well as the waste of resources caused by the effect of lower labor and raw materials. So he began his career in research and development related to environmental protection equipment sanding and paint manufacturers to promote a series of automated coating equipment. Its renowned woodworking industry in New Zealand CST (Clogging Separation Technology) ------ woodworking belt cleaning desquamation renovation process that is his most initial contribution.